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Vibrant Skies

Margaux Black

Vibrant Skies

Margaux Black

Whangamata, New Zealand

Whangamata is a small coastal town in the Coromandel Peninsula of New Zealand where the photographer spent a lot of time growing up. Known for its surf break and pristine white sand beaches, it’s a small town paradise typically only frequented by locals. There are many islands surrounding the main beach, the most famous being the one pictured. Known as Donut Island as it has a secret internal beach, only accessible by kayak or small boat that opens up to the sky through a hole at the top.
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Margaux Black is a New Zealand born photographer currently living in Amsterdam. Her photography style is influenced by her love of travel and storytelling, as she aims to showcase places and cultures through her lens. Margaux is focused on the way people and their cultures interact with their environment, and through each image she hopes to convey a snapshot into that moment.

"A picture paints a thousand words"

James Dean