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Margaux Black

A Classic Punt

Margaux Black

A Classic Punt
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Venice, Italy

A town that everyone knows, Venice is slowly sinking though certainly doing so gracefully. Every corner turned has an air of history to it. This image was taken during a hot summer, a time when the city is flooded with tourists rather than water, despite the masses coming in daily the city manages to hold it’s charm. The photographer captures the evening glow of this city perfectly, with some of the quintessential elements that make Venice, Venice.
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About the artist

Margaux Black is a New Zealand born photographer currently living in Amsterdam. Her photography style is influenced by her love of travel and storytelling, as she aims to showcase places and cultures through her lens. Margaux is focused on the way people and their cultures interact with their environment, and through each image she hopes to convey a snapshot into that moment.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

Margaret Wolfe Hungerford