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Margaux Black

Before the Night Clubs

Margaux Black

Before the Night Clubs
Printed on a fine art, high-quality paper print
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Mykonos, Greece

Known as an island of elaborate partying and nightlife, there are still many moments when the true culture of Greece still shines through. As the cruise ships sail away, in the evenings the island is left to a select smaller few to explore the white painted streets and gorge on fresh delicious seafood - taking in the sun setting.
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About the artist

Margaux Black is a New Zealand born photographer currently living in Amsterdam. Her photography style is influenced by her love of travel and storytelling, as she aims to showcase places and cultures through her lens. Margaux is focused on the way people and their cultures interact with their environment, and through each image she hopes to convey a snapshot into that moment.

"A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it."

Edward Steichen