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Marek Ogień

View from Shibuya

Marek Ogień

View from Shibuya
Printed on a fine art, high-quality paper print
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November 2019
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About the artist

In 2018 I was a photographer of Andrzej Bargiel's first descent ski of K2 summit. In 2019 we headed to Nepal for Mt. Everest but unfortunately the weather didn’t let Andrzej go.

I love snowboarding and I enjoy running these days. My girlfriend says I'll never grow up. Most of the people that have known me for a long time still don't know my real name. Everybody takes my younger brother as the elder one, not because of his or my look.

I'm a dog lover.

Between the age of 9 and 16 I was constantly putting myself in trouble and my mom always had to rush me to the hospital. I take inspiration from travel, friends, solo running in the woods and riding powder with my friends.

"Look before you leap"

Dorothy Perkins