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Lonely planet

Anna Dogadkina

Lonely planet

Anna Dogadkina

Sumbawa – A long day comes to the end and both water and man sweep away into the night.
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I remember seven years ago sitting in my office of choice in Bali, a café on the beach and watching a photographer taking pictures of the waves. “In my next life, I’m going to do the same”, I said to myself. Photography runs in my family; my dad takes kids portraits and my sister works for fashion brands. Back then I was running a magazine, and thought it would be too late to start a new career.

How wrong I was. Through my magazine I got in touch with Canon. They started sponsoring me and I started working with clients such as Playboy, National Geographic and Absolut Vodka. Since then I have been travelling the world full time, 65 countries in total. I don’t have a proper routine, a home or a favorite restaurant. I’ve lived in Berlin, Barcelona, Bali, Los Angeles, Melbourne and Munich. Every day is different, every day is exciting and work is always a pleasure. I’m burning for it. When I take landscape pictures, I’m full of emotions. I wish that someone who sees them feels what I feel. Feels something. Dreams of a different life, a different place, a different outlook on their own situation. And landscape was always fascinating me. It is pure magic. I like to see the extra ordinary in ordinary things. Ordinary doesn’t even exist in my vocabulary. Being surrounded by nature makes me feel great and little at the same time, an understanding that we humans are temporary and finite and what remains is so much bigger than us, a planet that is worth to keep safe and protect.

"You are the banquet to my eyes"

The Corinthian