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Jacob & Carrol

See me N.1

Jacob & Carrol

See me N.1
Printed on a fine art, high-quality paper print
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From the series the things around home 2020.
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About the artist

Jacob & Carrol met at a Halloween party in 2012. They instantly began to share ideas, feelings and dreams. After a year of building a solid friendship and many coffee meet ups in the East Village, they decided it was time to combine strengths.

Carrol Cruz is a native New Yorker but spent her teenage years living in Bogota, Colombia. She graduated from Savannah College of Art & Design with a degree in fashion design. She's travelled to various continents, enamoured by ancient art, native people, their stories and every place she's encountered and reencountered.

Jacob Sadrak discovered photography very early on in his native Mexico City. Mentored by the late Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Jacob has spent most of his life studying and observing the comportment of light in different parts of the world.

So they thought "why not blend our knowledge and experiences in photography to see what happens? It should be something positive. Fun at the very least"

Jacob is pretty great at skateboarding and amazing at yoga :) Part of his daily morning routine is to read the news and discover a new song. He has an incredible collection of music!
Carrol loves books, painting and making things. Looking for antique anything in shops or online. She loves old pieces because she feels like they never run out of stories.

They don't like routines except for morning coffee/tea.
They watch movies ALL the time and bike as much as they can.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

Margaret Wolfe Hungerford