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Nuno Oliveira

Born again

Nuno Oliveira

Born again
Printed on a fine art, high-quality paper print
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Shot on a creek in Ojay California.
Nobody for miles. Only the sounds of nature and the camera shutter.

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About the artist

Nuno’s work is characterized by an intuitive sense of sexuality and attention to detail. In his pictures, his favourite subject is a woman, a femme fatale – strong, confident and reckless.

Born in Lisbon, Nuno has travelled across continents and is constantly looking for new adventures. From a very young age Nuno has been surrounded and inspired by legendary and iconic visual artists; this influence led him to pursue arts as an academic choice. Further as the result of his constant quest for skill enhancement and acquiring knowledge Nuno had the opportunity to study film-making from metropolitan cities such as London, Vancouver and Los Angeles. He then started working in the Film, Television and Advertising industry in Lisbon but his intense love towards the medium of photography lead him to expand his skill-set and thus he started on his career in fashion photography.

Today Nuno is one of the most respected and sought after Director-Photographer for his unique signature style visual vocabulary.

"In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality"

Alfred Steglitz